Women Over 50 ‘Having The Time Of Their Lives’

In a recent article in the Independent and written by Alice Hughes, women over 50 are having the time of their lives and more confident than those in their 20s. Below are some of the highlights I can relate to.

  • Women aged 50-65 are happier with their age, relationship and confidence than women in their 20s, a study has found.
  • In comparison, just 44 per cent of younger women are comfortable with their love life while only one in 10 are satisfied with their age and self-confidence.
  • Half of women over 50 are content with their current relationship status while a quarter are “happy” with their age.
  • One sixth feel more confident in how they look now than ever before.
  • But despite their positive outlook, the older generation strongly believe their demographic is wrongly perceived by society, with two thirds feeling misrepresented by media.
  • “They want to see things that inform and reflect their life – a life that’s filled with everything they’re passionate about, exciting social events, amazing travel and great love lives.
  • “Over 50s are still passionately working, enjoying a great love live and going to exciting social events – gone are the days of perceptions around over 50s being knitting and reading.

Fabulous article, what do you think??

Let me know your thoughts below.

Jackie x

2 Responses

  1. Thanks Billy. Life is just beginning, love yourself and people will gravitate towards you. There is too much on how we should look and behave. Numbers don’t define you, you define you!!

    Take care jx

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