There are no quick fixes

Shortcuts are great, who doesn’t want a quick fix?  Have you ever skipped ironing because the wrinkles usually fall out in a couple of hours? or you found a short cut travelling to work. Sometimes steps can be shortened  without too much comprise on results, if only it was that easy when it comes to health and fitness.

Unfortunately for fitness this is something that cannot be rushed. If you want long term results, fitness has to become part of your lifestyle otherwise you will be back to where you started.

The same goes for healthy eating, there are no miracle diets out there, who wants to be on a diet all their life??  I’m sure it’s no fun!!

Healthy eating has to become part of your lifestyle, YES with quick-fix diets you can help get the pounds off, but most of the time they come back with a vengeance.  The changes come when you make real, sustainable lifestyle changes which are better equipped to keep weight off.  The recommended weight loss is one to two pounds per week to be healthy and realistic.  I know this sounds really slow, however, but doing it the healthy way and making better choices will bring you more success as you start to change the way you think of food and bring back that waistline for good!

When we turn to quickie diets we find them initially good to follow as they have clear-cut rules: Don’t eat carbs. Don’t eat meat etc….. the problem is sticking to these strict diets. Eating should and can become along with fitness part of your lifestyle.  Making small changes is the key to keeping on track and getting long term results.  Do not deprive yourself of things you enjoy, however, everything in moderation.  If you have a sweet tooth buy yourself a chocolate bar and let yourself have 3 cubes, depriving only makes you want them more.  Below are small steps you can take now:

Portion size

Replace sugary drinks with water

Fresh fruit & veggies

Switch to low-fat dairy products

Always check the label for that hidden Saturated Fat & Sugar

Dark chocolate

I would love to hear from you, whether you have struggled with your fitness & eating or have some success stories that you would love to share.

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