Are You Too Old For Print!!

This is a strange one! Are you too old or are you too young to wear animal print?

I love animal print, whether you have different pieces of clothing or you have accessories that you could add to an outfit. However, there are do’s and don’ts to wearing animal print especially if you want to wear it tastefully. You need to get the right balance so your outfit does not become tacky.

There are so many different prints out there, for example snakeskin & leopard print, do not mix two prints together on an outfit.

When creating your outfit either go for a solid outfit and add pieces like a scarf, or shoes and handbag, that way this will bring out the print subtly rather than overloading it.

I went for a print outfit below and accessorised it with black shoes and a handbag. Growing up I remember print was looked on as being tacky and cheap. If worn correctly it can be the best addition to your wardrobe.

Share with me your current and past outfit bloopers. I have looked back and cringed and thought, “What was I thinking lol”? I’m sure we have all had those moments.! LOL

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