Perfect Lips

Superstay Maybelline

Again this is a minefield!! When choosing a colour, always try it on your lips and never on your hand. It’s not rocket science as both areas are different in colour.  Applying on your hands will not give you the true colour when applying to your lips. I know it sounds basic but I have seen many people testing on their hands when buying, you will be disappointed and out of pocket!!  

There are so many colours/shades, satin, matts, sheers the list is endless, sound like you’re buying a pair of tights lol!!  For me the important thing I look for in a lipstick is that I want it to last. I do find it frustrating when you have to keep re-applying.  At the moment I wear superstay from Maybelline, it does not budge which is great if you on an night out and not wanting to reapply.  There are two drawbacks of this product: 1. if you wear it all day the lips can look a little dry, I apply a little lip balm to moisturise them.  2. removing the lipstick you will need an oil based remover, I use Bobbi Brown cleansing oil. 

Lip Liners – Charlotte Tilbury, MAC, Bobbi Brown

Lip liners are great for giving definition, I generally go for either the same colour or slightly darker to draw attention to the lips.  Charlotte Tilbury do some great colours that are easy to apply similar to MAC and Bobbie Brown Lip Liners.

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