My Menopause Story

I’m going through my menopause!!  I had it confirmed by my gynaecologist not that I really needed it confirming. I was displaying the odd sign but when you have it in black and white you know you’re not going crazy.  I have to say it felt really strange getting that phone call to say, you can no longer create life…. Was I relieved or was I gutted! I had mixed emotions, obviously I didn’t want more children but to be told you can no longer have children was really strange, but I soon got over that!!

It seemed I had almost every bloody symptom from hot flushes, forgetfulness, being more emotional, bursting into tears or going from 0 to 10 being called a Rottweiler by my son.   Questioning myself, am I doing this right, even the smallest of things seems so big !! Listen, I have three children, manage the household, run my own business and still feel there are days that I can’t cope. 

When I turned 50 it seemed women wanted to talk about all sorts of issues, one being menopause.  Some saying “wait to you hit the menopause” and “oh yes wait until you get those hot flushes”.  I tried to be sympathetic  but it really is hard to understand exactly what it is like unless you have or you’re going through it.   

My hot flushes came with no warning, it was like a fire burning inside me lasting up to a minute. When I’m at home I will literally strip down to my bra, my kids just except this as the norm, they know mum is having one of her moments!!  

I’m lucky to have some great gym buddies who are a little older in years than myself. They  shared some great tips and their own personal experiences on how they got through it. 

Menopause affects us all so differently, we can all have the symptoms but some are more extreme.  Even though I am still going through the menopause I feel I am managing it quite well. Health & fitness is a massive part of my life and I really do believe having a fitness regime and a healthy balanced diet has played a huge part.

Opening up to friends or family members will help, Lets face it, if they don’t know what you’re going through they cannot start to help or understand.   Below are a few small steps you can take to try and reduce your symptoms. Remember our bodies are all different and things can affect us differently. What we do have in common is that that we will be affected by the menopause at some point in our lives.

Make sure you are getting enough Vitamin D

Getting enough calcium, yogurt, milk & cheese

Plenty of fruit & vegetables

Oily fish

Being a healthy weight

Phytoestrogens are naturally occurring plant compounds that mimic effects of Oestrogen – Soy beans – tofu & flax seeds.

High intake of phytoestrogens in Asian countries such as Japan is thought to be the reason why menopausal women in these places rarely experience hot flashes.

Avoid trigger foods:

Alcohol (everything in moderation lol!)


Sugary & spicy food

If you have any tips or success stories that you would like to share I would love to hear from you.

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