Menopausal Women Are Hotter!!

Now reaching the mature age of 50, my chats over coffee or maybe a large glass of bubbly have changed slightly…….  I do class myself as a young 50-year-old, however, internally I cannot go against science, but what I can do is be prepared and take control on what might be ahead of me.

Menopause is a topic that we don’t generally discuss, however it will affect us women at some point. As our periods get irregular or stop completely it may not be such a good thing.

The lack of periods mean our ovaries are shutting down and not producing oestrogen.  Hot flushes, night sweats, tiredness, weight gain, vaginal dryness, mood swings the list is endless.

Not all women want treatments, but treatments are available.  The most common one is Hormone replacement therapy (HRT).  My mum used HRT and to think of it, I never saw her struggle and she was always on the go, a bit like me lol!! As the saying goes like mother like daughter!

There are two main types of HRT:  Combined HRT (oestrogen & progesterone) – for women with menopausal symptoms who still have their womb.  Oestrogen – only HRT – for women who have had their womb removed.  

HRT is available in tablet form, skin patches, gel to rub into the skin or implants.  With most drugs there are risks associated with them, blood clots, breast cancer, so not advisable for women who have had certain types of breast cancer or at high risk of getting cancer.

As you know I’m a big advocate of exercise and being active plays an important part to your mental state as well as physical. Walking, yoga, Pilates anything that releases those natural endorphins will help massively.  Chatting with your friends, sharing your experiences on mood swings, anxiety and fears will soon help you realise that you’re probably not alone.

It’s good to talk!!!

If you have any tips or things that helped you, please take a minute and share your experience.

Jackie x

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