Men Go Through Tough Times Too!

I was shocked to learn that suicide is the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK!

Not only was I shocked by this statistic I feel that most men are conditioned to believe that talking about their emotions and mental state is considered a sign of weakness. How many times have you heard the term “man up”? I heard it quite often growing up and looking back now I think that term had led to a lot of men shutting down and not talking about how they felt.

For the majority of women, from a very young age, we were taught that it was ok to express and talk about our feelings and emotions. I never felt, that if I cried it would make me lesser of a women or that I couldn’t cope. Through my experiences, I have found that women generally love to talk. Men say its gossip I say its chatter lol!

I personally feel that over the years, having this ability to talk openly with friends and family has definitely helped me in coping with certain situations. I learnt a long time ago, talking about your feelings is not a sign of weakness. Just being listened to can help you feel supported and less alone.

Recently, I was given a book/manual called 50 & Fucked by a very good friend. At the time, he was going through a very rough patch due to the combined breakdown of his marriage, loss of his business and death of his father. He started to put his thoughts down on paper regarding all aspects of his life and how he was going to turn his life around for the better.

Being in his late fifties, he wrote down his feelings/emotions and his personal journey on getting back in the saddle and looking for love again. He addresses everything from on-line dating, kink, viagra, getting healthy and excepting change. Fifty and Fucked is an inspirational journey of going from rock bottom to finding happiness and love again.

I would highly recommend this book (e-book PDF) to any male friend going through a very tough time!

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If you know of somebody going through a tough time, I first would recommend they talk with their doctor and there are also multiple charities for them to start helping oneself.

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