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Don't be fooled

The Food and Drink Manufacturing sector is the largest manufacturing sector in the UK. In terms of economic contribution, it accounts for 17% of all UK manufacturing GVA (£28.2 billion).

Labelling is regulated to protect consumers who should have the correct information to make confident and informed food choices based on diet, allergies, personal taste or cost. Everyone has the right to know that the food they have bought matches the description given on the label. However, trying to understand that information is debatable.

I’m old school, so I look at three basic ingredients, salt, sugar & saturated fats, these little babies aren’t good for us, but everything in moderation as always.

Trying to get across healthy eating to my children has been a struggle, battling with what their friends eat, fast food etc…. so I had an idea, why do I want to be the one telling them you shouldn’t eat this or that, well no more.

I discovered this app which can be easily downloaded on your phone, it is so easy to use. Kids need visual, it shows them how many sugar cubes, saturated fat & salt there is in the product your scanning, you just scan over the barcode.

Now I leave them to make the right choice, they have to start taking responsibility for what they eat and drink. This app can also be a great distraction for younger children when taking them to the supermarket, gives them a little task but at the same time they are learning!!

Please let me know what you think, or if you use any similar app. Love to hear from you.

For more information, Google; NHS – Change 4 Life or download from your Apple App Store.

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