Dress To Impress

Recently, I was invited to help a friend out with his trade show booth in Barcelona.

Presentation is very important when you want your audience to engage with you. Depending on what kind of event you’re attending should dictate your style.

This event was a little different. It was attended by different clientele ranging from corporate, architects & builders. So I had to engage and look approachable on all levels.

Again, making sure you get the right balance is important. I still wanted to feel a little sexy without revealing my assets lol!

Black is always a winner for me, a little safe but you can’t go wrong. Put together with a white shirt /bodice screams corporate. Mixing fabric is a good way to soften the look and I combined a leather skirt with a cotton jacket.

Do you struggle with putting outfits together or can you share any tips that you have found on your adventures?

Please put leave your comments in the box below.

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