Dressing Your Age??

I don’t believe in the concept of “dressing your age”. It really rattles me when I see posts with headlines like, “Things You Should Never Wear After 50”. What looks and feels best on you has more to do with your body shape, lifestyle and your preference.

I think that to some extent we naturally change the way we dress. Sure at 50 there are some styles I feel I’ve definitely outgrown, like the mini skirt with high heels lol. I personally feel you can keep up with the current trends, its just how you put your outfit together.

A quick example below on how I have kept up with the current trends with a little tweaking.

I think leather skirts/trousers are a tricky trend to pull off at any age. Try mixing different fabrics this will help soften the look.

How things have changed. When I was in my twenties you wouldn’t be seen dead in trainers on a night out! Wearing trainers now is more the trend which I definitely embrace 😁. The bodycon dress I am wearing in my party picture was taken in Ibiza. The dress is quite tight so I balanced by wearing trainers. I definitely wouldn’t have worn high heels with this dress. Anyway you dance better in trainers.

In the third picture I added a scarf with animal print on to make a little statement. By adding accessories to an outfit you can really personalise the outfit and bring out your own personality.

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