A Career In Dog Grooming

After choosing to give up a working career in London to look after my children, I found myself 15 years later pondering on what to do. When my kids became more independent I felt it was time for me to get back to work. Still wanting to be close to my children’s school, London was not an option as I had moved to Kent.

I started to look and see if there was a career I would enjoy that would also fit around my children, so being an animal lover, I looked into dog grooming. Dog grooming is a rapidly expanding industry that provides steady employment combined with working with animals.. As a dog lover, a career in this field features many advantages including minimal education requirements, steady work, and reasonably good pay. I decided to attend a Level 2 dog grooming course which I have now completed. Like any career, the more you practice, the better you will become. Below, I have set out some points which hopefully will help you decide if this career path is for you!

Flexible Schedule: Groomers have the luxury of setting any work schedule that they desire. While many groomers work mostly traditional office hours, some choose to work part-time or travel to homes of the owners.

Good Salary: Dog groomers can set their own prices for the different types of cuts they perform. Prices based on the amount of time involved and the technical difficulty of the specific cut. Experienced groomers with a solid client base can demand top dollar for their services. 

Educational Requirements: Dog groomers can learn the basics of the trade relatively quickly. Some salons train groomers on the job, but many professional training programs also cover the necessary skills within a few weeks or months of intensive practice. While certification is not necessary to pursue this career path, several certification options can enhance the groomer’s professional credentials.

Steady Demand: Spending on pet services is one of the fastest growing aspects of the industry, and this translates to excellent opportunities for dog groomers.

Further Opportunity: Dog grooming is an extremely accessible option for those wishing to be self-employed. With a fairly reasonable investment of funds for basic equipment and advertising, a groomer can open their own grooming service or become an independent contractor within an established salon. Another option that has been growing in popularity is the mobile dog grooming service where the groomer purchases a specially outfitted van and travels to client homes.

I hope that I have given you some insight into the world of dog grooming!!

If you have had a similar experience, or would like to share some great ideas, I’m all ears lol!

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