I rarely change my makeup routine. I have both a daytime & night-time routine in which I use different products.  Occasionally, I tend to add in a few new pieces.  After a few days, I usually know if they are going to be added to my beauty bag!

A tip I would like to suggest before you go out to buy any new products, is get tester samples from the range you want. This is a good way for sampling and testing the product for your skin type, rather than buying and wasting your money.  I want to share with you my findings of my products that I’ve tried and tested. I’m not a make-up artist nor a skin specialist and I can only go on what works for me and pass on to you my honest opinion. 

I love having choices but personally I sometimes feel overwhelmed when I enter a beauty department. I often struggle on what products are actually true to what they claim. I would love to hear from you, if you have anything to add or any great tips, I’m all for sharing!!

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