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Skin Foundations

This is a minefield in itself!! Finding the correct foundation that gives you that flawless look without it wanting to go into the facial creases (what we call laughter lines) highlighting them even more!!  

Foundation – Charlotte Tilbury 

I wanted something that was not too heavy but gave me a youthful glowing look.  I found Light Wonder Foundation was perfect for this.  It is a light formula which also illuminates the skin. They do have different shades for different skin tones, so you will need to go and check out what is the perfect shade for your complexion.

Hollywood Flawless – Charlotte Tilbury

Another must have product in my beauty bag.  I usually wear this product for a more glamourous look or when I’m going out with my girls.  I tend to mix the Flawless Filter with my Light Wonder Foundation as this gives the face a more dewy look without the usual glittery fake elements.  Again, there are different shades for different skin tones, so you will need to go and check  what is the perfect shade for your complexion.

Highlighter – Charlotte Tilbury

Some highlighters are a little too harsh for me I prefer the soft and subtle look.  Hollywood Beauty Wand is a product I wouldn’t be without. During the day I don’t wear foundation, so adding some of the Beauty Wand to my cheeks, nose and forehead makes my skin look brighter and gives me that fresh face look that I want.

Liquid Bronzer – Benefit 

As our skin tones changes, either due to hormones or being tanned while on holiday,  trying to get that coverage is very difficult.  I have found that adding a little of the Dew The Hoola product to my foundation is a perfect way to get the right colour/coverage without having to buy another foundation.

Cheeks – Bobbie Brown Pot Rouge

Rouge as it was called back in the day can give you a touch of youth while adding colour to the cheeks without looking like a made up doll!  As I’ve matured, I have found creams are better to apply and also give me that softer look that I want.  I find that the particles from powder based blushers can sometimes get stuck in our laughter lines, which I’m sure you will agree is not the look we want!!

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