Aesthetics – What You Need To Know

In this fast and evolving world we live in, it’s so difficult to keep up with what actually works and what is just an endless pit for your bank account.

Let’s be honest we all want to feel and look our best, some want it more than others for what ever the reason, without going too deep. For Me personally the thought of ageing, I’m not gonna lie does not thrill me, seeing those extra laugher lines get deeper. I think the key to any procedures is knowing when too stop!

I first started to look at myself in my early 40’s, everyone around me seemed to be having different procedures, from botox to fillers. Before I had my first procedure of Botox I did massive amounts of research, it’s amazing how many places can administer this type of treatment without any training.

Did you know that practitioners who administer non-surgical cosmetic treatments aren’t legally required in the UK to have any qualifications? Surprising but true, as currently in the UK procedures such as botulinum toxin injections, chemical peels, and laser hair removal can legally be performed by anyone, whatever their level of training, medical or otherwise.

What’s most concerning though, is that this is in spite of the fact that, if performed incorrectly, these procedures can result in a range of complications such as burning, scarring, infection and even blindness.

It’s for this reason that it’s absolutely imperative for anyone considering non-surgical cosmetic procedures to understand the lack of laws surrounding the non-surgical cosmetic industry, and how difficult it is to differentiate between the good practitioners and the bad without using a regulatory body such as Save

If you’re thinking of undergoing a non-surgical cosmetic procedure, get informed before you make a commitment.

For more information I suggestion you click this link :

If you’ve had any horror stories or would like to share any information that would help others, please leave your comments below. Jx

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